Sri Dvadasha Jyotirlinga Temple
The Sri Dwadasha (12) Jyotirlinga Devasthana is a unique, and one of the most magnificent temples in Karnataka.

In this temple the Twelve Representative Jyotirlingas of the original Pauranik Twelve Jyotirlingas, which are in different parts of our country are under one roof, each with an individual Garbhagriha and Vimanagopuram.

Inside the main temple, these 12 Jyotirlingas are seen along with Sri Vidyaganapathi, Sri Subrahmanya, Sri Kalabhairava, Sri Chandikeshwara, Ekadasha (11) Rudradevatas, Panchaloha Nataraja weighing around 1000 Kgs and the Divine Mother Shakti in the form of Sri Yantra.

Of these Twelve Jyotirlingas, the Omkareshwara Jyotirlinga measuring around 6 Feet in height, occupies the place of pride with Spatika Shree Yantra, at the centre of the temple, encircled by the other Eleven Jyotirlingas. This is the Main Jyotirlinga of this temple.  more

Sri Matsya Narayana Temple
Sri Matsyanarayana Temple in Omkara Ashrama is the only temple of its kind in Karnataka of Bhagavan Sri Matsyanarayana Swamy.Matsya Avatar was the first Avatar of Lord Vishnu, among the Dashavatara of Mahavishnu. Matsya means ‘fish’ in Sanskrit and Matsya Avatar is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of Fish.

 Mathsya Avatar was taken by Lord Vishnu at the end of the first epoch (Satyuga), when the world was destroyed by a great flood. Lord Vishnu saved humanity and the Vedas from the deluge. Matsya Avatara is generally represented as a four-armed deity with the upper part of MahaVishnu and the lower of a Matsya. The Matsya Narayana Moorthy has four arms:two arms hold shankam (conch shell) and chakram (divine discus) and the other two arms are in abhaya-hastam (divine protection) and varam (boon). more



Sri Mata Vana Durga

The Divine mother Sri VanaDurga is the presiding deity and the sthana-devata of the Omkara Hills. Vana Durga is one of the numerous forms of Goddess Durga. As the name indicates, she resides in forests and hills. The temples of Vana durga are always open to air. She is a living deity staying under the sacred banyan tree at the top of the Omkar Ashram hill. Time and again, many blessed devotee’s vivid experiences about the Mother testify her divine presence in this hillock.

Mother Sri Vana Durga protects and progresses this Ashrama. She is fond of camphor. Any devotee in distress or difficulty can invoke her divine blessings by offering camphor with sincere faith. One who worships Mother with devotion gains peace and prosperity through her bountiful benevolence and grace.


Sri Nagadevata Temple

Sri Nagadevata temple is having an unique male and female Nagadevata. To the right of the Nagadevata is a Banian tree and to left is a Neem Tree. Daily regular pujas will be done to the devata.




Sri Muneshwara

Regular pujas will be done to lord Muneshwara.









Sri Maha Ganapathi Temple

Regular Pujas will be done to the Bhagavan Sri Maha Ganapathi for the success of all the undertakings. On Sankashtahara Chaturti special pujas will be done to the bhagavan.