Religious Harmony

The message of all religions is to give more than to receive; is to perceive and not to deceive; is for attainment and not for commitment. Universal Brotherhood and mutual respect are the core teachings of every religion. The Vedas proclaim “Ekam sat, vipra bahudha vadanthi – truth is one; sages proclaim it differently”. All mystics speak the same truth but in different languages and different manners.

But, divisiveness is the oldest and the most persistent disease which has afflicted the human race through aeons of existence. Innumerable conflicts are raging everywhere because of factions within and between different groups.


Extremely worried by the divisiveness and resultant inharmonic, Sri Shivapuri Mahaswamiji who is an ardent advocate of integration and assimilitation has built this Hall of Religions with the statues of all religious leaders of leading communities. Swamiji has been propagating harmony among the various religious groups by arranging seminars on “Sarva dharma Samanvaya” in which religious leaders of different communities participate.

Swamiji’s call is loud and clear – God is one, don’t quarrel among yourselves and live like brothers and sisters with peace.

Sanathana Dharma with particular emphasis on the inherent unity of all religious. Swamiji has constructed a Sarva Dharma Samanvaya Mantapa a hall of principal religions with the statues of their founders. He has been organizing a number of functions at this place in order to inculcate in everyone the Vishwa bhratrutva – Universal Brotherhood. Leaders of various religious sects speak at this place. Bhajans are also organized here very frequently. Large numbers of devotees attend and partake of the Blessings of Swamiji.