His Holiness SRI SRI SHIVAPURI MAHASWAMJI founded Omkara ashrama Mahasamsthana in 1992 on Omkar Hills.

Born on 30th Jan 1948, Swamiji had spiritual learnings from the childhood itself. After finishing his schooling, Swamiji joined Kailas Ashrama Mahasamsthana founded by Jagadguru Shivaratna Puri Mahaswamiji known popularly as Jagadguru Thiruchi Maha Swamiji in 1963. Swamiji was the most beloved disciple of the great Thiruchi Maha Swamiji, who arranged for imparting to him knowledge of various Shastras and Agamas from renowned Scholars and Pundits. He made very great strides in his own way and distinguished himself as a great asset to the Mahasamsthanam. After finishing his Graduation in Sanskrit he was initiated into Sanyas in 1976 and very soon he had to shoulder great responsibilities as the Administrative officer of the Ashram. The magnificient Temple of Divine Mother Rajarajeshwari built in his time with great pains. Swamiji organized regular poojas, special poojas, homas and festivities in a very systematic manner as per the Agama Shastras. Swamiji was very much instrumental in spreading the fame of Kailas Ashrama Mahasamsthana and the Temple far and wide, drawing innumerable devotees from India and Abroad.
Another very significant achievement is the creation of six Jagadguru Peethas for some of the major sects and installation of a Jagadguru for each Matha, after due coronation. These Jagadgurus are working as a unifying force in their own way – and thus the backward communities have found their own Spiritual Masters to guide them in Secular and Spiritual matters.

Swamiji is an embodiment of pure love which flows continuously without any barrier of caste, creed or religion. His care concern and hospitality leave an indelible on everyone who comes in contact with him great are his ideals, great is his mission in life and great is his attraction.

Sri Sri Swamiji left his body and attain mukthi on 25-07-2007.




Swami Madhusudhanananda Puri. Born and brought up in South India  and finished his Masters in Sanskrit M.A. He took sanyasa from his Guru Parama poojya Sri Sri Sri Shiva Puri Mahaswamigal. He studied Vedanta under Swami Dayananda Saraswathi.

He left his house at the age of 16 to become a saint, unfortunately his parents found him with in 15 days. It took another 14years for him to come out of all the bondages of the world to become a Sanyasi. 

He lived with Himalayan Saints and roamed in Himalayan region in India and Nepal. Visited “Mount Kailash” and holy lake “Manasasarover” and has very good experience in meditation and yoga.

Served in Australia for couple of years and traveled around the world. He is a Upasaka of Sri Vidya (Divine Mother Sri Rajarajeshwari Lalita Maha Tripurasundari). Well trained under his Guru Parama poojya Sri Sri Sri Shiva Puri Mahaswamigal.

His guru never gives up his Sri Vidya pooja (Navavaruna pooja), infact for the past 29 years, he has not missed the pooja even for a single day.




Guru Parampara